SandS Photography


  • Dreamer - often up in the clouds with her ideas and artistic visions
  • Aesthete - loves finding beauty in the mundane
  • Open minded - looking from various angles and viewpoints
  • Loving mom of 2 wonderful children Sedriks and Sonora
  • Photographer / Pianist / Philosopher /Partner / Parent


  • Minimalist
  • Sanda, Sedriks, Sonora
  • Tinker
  • Head in the clouds feet on the ground
  • Music & Sci-Fi

Photography is not about the person or thing being photographed but rather the feeling, aura, and beauty of the given moment.

Some photos feel like home, some make you laugh, some make you cry, and some reconnect with who you are, what you believe and where you belong.

Through our photography we want to give you this sense of belonging and connection, of owning your story. We want to tell your story in the inspiring and empowering way.